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The Pre Fall Collection from Louis Vuitton

Who do not know about the popular brand of Louis Vuitton ? Surely, all the fashion lovers have been familiar with this brand, so do us. The collections of this designer brand can be completely interesting for all fashion lovers, including you, right? It is said to be one of the high end fashion designer brand. Now, we can see about their style on their collection of pre fall. Have you seen about the collection and character behind the style? What do you think then? This collection still offers the elegance into their collections.

The director of studio of Louis Vuitton get the inspiration of the collection from the film of a film in ’68 entitled “The-Bride-Wore-Black”. Of course if you are the lover of fashion, you have heard about that film. From their collection, I can see some the dark atmosphere which does not leave their elegant yet classic style as their fashion signature . The use of black color becomes the signature for the season collection.

More than the color, there, I see the great yet dominating style of the use of lace. The iconic shift dress on black lace fabric becomes really eye catching for all who see it. Of course, the fabrics which are used are not limited to laces only but also mink, silk, suede, and many more. I see that they also give a bit flash back by showing the spring collection of the lifting jacket which is still simple yet everlasting. I see a lot of textures for the season collection which is combined by the basic spring collection that is extraordinary classic. Do you have any opinion about that?




Here’s Louis Vuitton Gallery :

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