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Rachel Comey’s Fashion Show for Fall 2013

Following fashion trend is a must for every fashionista. Season changes and fashion keeps going. Even though fall 2013 is not coming yet, finding out the latest trend for this season is very important. Fashionistas from around the globe must be excited to welcome this season’s trend. Attending fashion events such as fashion show is required to keep us updated with the hippest fashion items for the season.

One of the notable designers that has shown the fall 2013 trend is Rachel Comey. Her ready-to-wear collection for this season is very refreshing and mysterious. The runway show was full of late-seventies essentials, such as short black hair and big sunglasses. The character introduced at the beginning of the show was a heroine with menswear’s touch, like chino pants and loafers. But as the show went by, the heroine transformed to a more feminine look but didn’t leave the tough and mysterious sense.







I think this fashion trend for fall 2013 is very interested, because it’s very dynamic and powerful. Women can choose to look mysterious with the androgyny look or be pretty and feminine. The fact that this fashion show really pulled menswear off is very wonderful for me. Well, what’s your opinion on this fall 2013 trend?

Here’s Gallery Images for Rachel Comey’s Fashion Show :

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