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Once Again, Francisco Costa Experiment Get Big Applause

When we talk about Francisco Costa, we talk about designer with unique taste of art. But, most of his work are worked and successful attract many people attention. One of them is shown on Calvin Klein Collection show for spring 2013.

I don’t know why that everything he is getting some fashion idea or he called it as costa experiment, there’s always minimalist touch in it. This trench coat ala Costa shows that. It doesn’t have too much accessories and accent, but, it looks great on the model. The most interesting part of this trench coat maybe is the very wide neck collar. And it’s not only wide. But, it also blend or maybe we can say disappear on the bottom part. So, it give you a great cover for your chest on top and on the bottom part, it make the bottom part of this trench coat like long skirt.

The other unique part of this fashion product from Francisco Costa Collections is the material. He combines vinyl and other material, like double-faced cashmere and alpaca. And the white color of this clothes make it great thing for your winter collection. Overall, you and I will make it become great addition into our fashion collection.


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