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All about Fashion

The fashion world is a world that is very glamorous. It is only certain groups who may come into this world. Price is not a problem for the fashion lovers, the most important is fashion. Style and appearance is very important and can be regarded as a liability. Therefore, the renowned designers creating clothes with a quality number one with a very expensive price. The results usually they show off their work in a boutique or can be in a special exhibition for the demonstration of the latest models of their homemade clothes. One of the famous designers is Clare Waight Keller.

In the event the resort collection that will soon be implemented, Clare Waight Keller will show the new results of her work to the fashion lovers. The event, named “new romantic feel” will make the visitors amused. Keller will continue to use the stamp R and N and the ratio would still keep. Waight Keller’s Chloé is very thick with the feel of the eighties, especially in excessive volume silhouettes, and that continues here. She will emphasize ease in her work at this event. There are lots of tops dresses which is a square cloth in her work this time. Her “shearling summer” was cloth that is sewn into the shape of a kimono tops. It will be a nice fashion show event by Keller this year.






Fashion is very interesting to discuss. It starts from the old models or the newest models. There are always up to date on the latest designs of the famous designers. This is making the fashion lovers always kept for up to date about the fashion news. Perhaps only a few people who can afford it, but a showcase not only for purchase but can also be enjoyed with eyes only.

Here’s gallery images for Chloé Collection :

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